Somali youth seek solutions -Insight News

Insight News: “Somali youth seek solutions”

“The Somali American Youth Conference created a space for Ka Joog Nonprofit Organization members, local youth leaders, and community organizers to voice their concerns and solutions before representatives from the local government and the Department of Homeland Security. Somali youth are coming together to find solutions for the issues their communities face in Minnesota, specifically in Minneapolis.”  Read more at Insight News

For more information about the issues facing the Somali community or about Ka Joog, visit
Furthermore, in response to educational needs, Ka Joog developed the “Take-Off Program“, which focuses on education and employment for youth:

This program is aimed at providing a nurturing environment that promotes education and nurtures the mind of the youth. It aims at giving the youth an opportunity to excel in every facet of education, whether it may be history, arithmetic, sciences, arts, and philosophy.


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